Sunday, December 21, 2008

Get Snow

Well, we've officially had our first real snow of the season.

Out doing some Christmas shopping obviously. My gifts are gonna be pretty inexpensive this year, I've got a lot of people to give gifts to and not a lot of cash this year. So it's gonna be low-key this year.

Speaking of snow, how about candy snow? This is from the gas station near my house.

Item of the Day:

Snow flavored Cotton Candy? Yep Snow Cotton Candy! I can't really comment on how they taste, but if I had to describe it I would say that it's kind of... no taste. It just tastes like sugar, no real special flavoring to speak of. It's okay, but I'm sort of disappointed. You expect something rather special and pleasing for a holiday special-flavor but you don't really get anything of note. It's like eating a cloud. Even though it maintains a rather low price of 1.99 I still feel like I've been ripped off. Suffice to say, Snow Cotton Candy while an interesting concept isn't really one of those things that leaves you with a sense of holiday specialty. It's just a cheap gimmick. There's much better novelty stuff out there this season.

Get Item: Get Posting Again

I haven't had the time or energy to actively pursue a Blog for a long time, even though this was created a while ago. But I figure since I just turned eighteen a little while ago, and things are slowing down during the Holiday break, now's a good a time as any to start getting up on things.

So a quick about me: I'm a young male student who enjoy video-games, movies, comics, toys, books. I also enjoy making movies. So you can expect many of my entries to relate to those. I think this blog will also be about random things I find, which I will report on. Little toys and such that I think are interesting. It will also be about nostalgia, anything I find from back in the day which is interesting. There will be an Item of the Day so to speak, a featured thing everytime this blog is updated.

Let's get going.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Got MGS4!

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots for the PS3. It's a game I've been wanting for a LONG time now, and now that I've finally beaten it, I can safely say that it is INCREDIBLE!

Perhaps the most noticeable thing about it is the improvements in graphics and game play.
It's now possible to play entirely in first-person, and you have a variety of different moves you can pull off, like flipping down over ledges, and rolling over on your back to shoot.

Also, Snake now has the Metal Gear Mk. II

It's a remote control reconnaissance device, that can be used to scout out areas and well as attack guards with an electrical arm.

Isn't this thing awesome? I'd totally give away both kidneys to have one of these!

Anyway, there are several new features within it such as a "psyche gauge", it is used to show Snake's level of mental wellness, such as his stress level, and his moral. It will go up or down in battle and on certain events. Ex: When Snake is mocked as an old geezer by the game's main female, his psyche gauge goes down.

Here we see Snake in the middle of a fierce battle, the top bar is his life, while the bottom one is his Psyche Gauge, the stress of the battle is taking it's toll on his Psyche.

It really adds an interesting twist to the game, as you must do things to keep his Psyche level up. Like eat food, use energy drinks, or take a smoke break. Yeah, the cigarettes reduce stress
apparently. Though that's not all they are good for, or so I hear...

The Psyche Gauge even seems to be an accurate representation of what happens to my moral when I think about how dull and disappointing my life is, and that my favorite video game series is ending...

In addition to the fact that I have to fight off giant robots, and all my friends are laughing at me behind my back...

Hmm, maybe I should take up smoking to reduce my stress level.

Moving on there are some simply incredible moments in this game, very emotional ones, funny ones, and such all packed in with some incredible battles. It's quite an amazing combination of elements that I couldn't be happier with. For the most part...

Some parts I wish were a little better, and less tedious, and I miss the food hunting concept of MGS3. But those are the only real complaints I have about it.

If I had to rate it it'd be 9.5 of 10. - Simply incredible!

The ending was a fitting one, and tied up all the loose ends. My eyes began getting moist at the end of the game, as everything came together.

Otacon had a specific line, something like: "Snake's had a hard life...he needs some time to rest...", while beginning to cry himself.

It's here we are under the impression that Snake is going to commit suicide, as foreshadowed in the early trailers.

The reason being that the FOX-DIE virus that was injected into him is mutating, and in a few months it would start an epidemic unless he chose death first.

But it turns out that the virus is actually nullified by a different variation of it, that was later injected into his body. Thus killing the rogue strain, and preventing an epidemic.

So Snake learns that he may continue on with his life and decides to live out the rest of his life in peace.

It was an excellent ending which really did justice to the series.

In fact he even gives up smoking.

Damn... I was really thinking about starting smoking in order to reduce my stress level, and reveal lasers, I guess it'd even stop suicidal thoughts, but I guess cigarettes really aren't a cool as they look, and are actually bad for you huh? I guess Snake quits because he doesn't want people imitating him... well, there goes that idea...

(Really, I'm joking about the whole starting smoking thing.)

But regardless of everything else, this old soldier has truly given it his all, and much deserves his last salute.

Thank you Kojima-san for creating this amazing series, and thank you Snake, for protecting and entertaining us for over twenty years...

(Now if someone could just get me th eMetal Gear Mk. II...)